How To Manage Banner Notifications In Microsoft Teams

Teams sends two types of notifications: Banners and Feed. A banner notification appears from the bottom right of the screen on your desktop, like the notifications most people get from Outlook. A feed notification appears only in the Activity section in the top left corner of your Teams window.

Teams issues Banner based notifications automatically when…

  • a new one-on-one chat message comes in for you, or
  • if you are specifically @mentioned inside a channel post.

You will see a Feed update in Activity for all chats or posts to channels that you belong to.

Banner Notifications for Channels

If you want to get the banner notifications for channels, or even specific conversations inside a channel, this can easily be done as well.

  1. Select the ellipse next to the Channel you wish to receive notifications for and click “Channel notifications”.
  2. Then select the setting you wish from the drop down.

    • Banner and Feed will provide the popup notification like with Outlook.
    • Only show in Feed places it only in the Activity section of Teams.

You can do follow these same steps in specific conversations inside a channel to receive banner notifications there as well.

Happy Teaming!