How To Change Monitor Settings to Extend Instead of Mirror

When working with multiple monitors, you might sometimes need different settings to fit what you are working on at the moment. When in a meeting, you might want to mirror your main screen so others can see. When tyring to work off two screens at once, you might to extend your main screen onto a second monitor.

With these instructions for Windows PC’s, you can extend your extend your desktop, instead of mirroring. Please note that this must be done from your local PC and NOT a desktop inside a Citrix session.

  1. Right click on any open space on your desktop (not on a file or folder)
  2. Select Display Settings
  3. At the top you will see your current monitor configuration.
    • The image below shows I have 3 screens all independent and arranged in a pyramid.
    • If you have mirroring then yours will look like:
  4. To change your configuration, you first need to know which physical monitor your OS thinks is 1, 2 or 3.  To do this, press the Identify button

    • See image above.  I pressed the Identify and this monitor is known as #2
  5. To switch between Mirror and Extend, scroll down the screen to where it says Multiple displays and select the drop down

    • Select Extend
    • If all looks correct, Select Keep Changes when prompted.