SolarWinds Data Breach: The Importance of Proactive Monitoring and Education

This past week, it was announced that a sophisticated data breach occurred in early 2020, impacting numerous U.S. government agencies.

The malware was inserted into SolarWinds Orion, a network monitoring software, affecting over 18,000 customers’ vital data.

As the new year approaches, cyber damage to the global economy is expected to reach $6 trillion annually in 2021.

While JDL does not use SolarWinds Orion in any of their offerings, this attack represents a new chapter in the importance of proactive cybersecurity. There is still much unknown about the breach. However, we think it is critical to discuss what our team does to safeguard your vital data and how you and your team can add an extra defense line.

How JDL protects your network

Malware in the SolarWinds attack was successfully planted into SolarWinds software updates. While customers performed routine maintenance, they unknowingly introduced the malware into their system.

JDL uses a multi-layered security approach to protect client data and systems. These layers include physical hardware, software, automation, and manual reviews of all systems. These measures allow us to find vulnerabilities and remediate them immediately.

Connections are also key. While we frequently share our expertise, we also value open conversations with other IT contacts to learn about new tactics used by hackers and updated best practices.

What you can do to protect your network

There are reports that a SolarWinds employee may have posted login information online and the hackers used it to gain access to their systems.

Educating your team is vital to preventing a variety of cyberattacks. One person can be the link that allows an intrusion into your network. That’s why we recommend implementing KnowBe4 training to educate your team quickly. Quick quizzes, weekly security tips, and phishing challenges ensure your team can immediately detect cyber-attacks.

There are endless articles and tips on how to prevent cyberattacks for you to peruse, but when one hack on average costs $200,000 in damage, it’s best to invest in a team of experts to create a plan that will allow you to focus on your business with peace of mind.

Reach out to our team today to learn about the custom plan we can create for you.

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