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IDC Projects Public Cloud Spending to Rise 24.4% in 2017 Over 2016

IDC, the industry analyst house, has published its semi-annual report on Public Cloud Spending. IDC projects that global spending on public cloud services will reach $122.5 billion this year, up 24.4% from 2016, and that the trend will continue well into 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.5% in the period. That CAGR is roughly seven times the growth rate of overall IT spending.  Download the PDF for complete article.

IDC Projections for Public Cloud Spending 2017-2020.pdf

How to Recognize a Whaling Attack, and Tips for Prevention

A whaling attack specifically targets senior management, such as the CEO, CFO, or other executives, who have complete access to sensitive data. You may not be able to prevent yourself or your company’s executives from being targeted in a whaling attack, but there are steps companies should take to reduce the likelihood that these attacks will be successful. This article provides a few tips for protecting against whaling attacks.

Whaling Attacks and Tips for Prevention.pdf

Ransomware Incidents Quadrupled in 2016, according to Beazley, a Leading Provider of Data Breach Response Insurance

In 2016 this insurer handled 1,943 data breaches on behalf of its clients, compared to 1,247 in 2015. In that same period, ransomware attacks quadrupled, and Beazley expects them to double again in 2017.  This report also summarizes the primary causes, which include mixups in healthcare document transmissions.

Ransomware Quadruples in 2016 per Beazley Report.pdf

FBI Reports New Spear Phishing Exploits Targeting U.S. Business

Cybercriminals targeting U.S. private sector and government networks with spear phishing campaigns since August 2016 are now using exploits contained within lures related to foreign affairs and the recent U.S. presidential election. The FBI has analyzed malicious Microsoft Office documents, a zip archive, a first-stage downloader and other signatures associated with the campaigns and has provided technical details and mitigation recommendations in the PDF below.

FBI PSA - Spear Phishing Campaign - New Exploits Target Business - Nov 2016.pdf

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats are Inside Your Company

The role that insiders play in the vulnerability of all sizes of corporations is massive and growing. In its security report on breaches, attacks and vulnerabilities occurring in 2015, IBM found that 60% of all attacks were committed by insiders. Of these, three-quarters involved malicious intent and one-quarter were due to inadvertent actions. IBM Security research also found that healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services are the top three industries under attack, due to their personal data, intellectual property and physical inventory, and massive financial assets respectively. Read more findings in the PDF below.

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats are Inside Your Company.pdf

FBI Urges Reporting of Ransomware Incidents, Recommends Prevention Measures

The FBI issued a Public Service Announcement on September 15, 2016, urging victims to report ransomware incidents to federal law enforcement to “help us gain a more comprehensive view of the current threat and its impact on U.S. victims.” Ransomware is a type of malware installed on a computer or server that encrypts the files, making them inaccessible until a specified ransom is paid. It is an increasingly common and insidious cybercrime. Details for reporting ransomware incidents, and security recommendations, are provided in the PDF below.

FBI PSA - Ransomware Reporting and Prevention - Sept 2016.pdf

Cybersecurity Investment Rose Dramatically, by 78%, in 2015 and Is Still Rising

Investment in cybersecurity rose by 78 percent in 2015 to $228 million, and Lux Research expects it to reach $400 million in 2016, in part because of the rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Cybersecurity Investment Rose 78% in 2015 and Still Rising.pdf

IRS Warns of Email Phishing Scheme Involving W2 Form Requests

The Internal Revenue Service has issued an alert to payroll and human resources professionals to beware of an emerging phishing email scheme that purports to be from company executives and requests personal information on employees. Part of the surge in phishing emails seen this year, this new scheme has already claimed several victims as payroll and human resources offices mistakenly emailed payroll data, including W-2 forms that contain Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information, to cybercriminals posing as company executives.

IRS Warns of Email Phishing Scheme Involving W2 Form Requests.pdf

CRN Article Quotes JDL Technologies on Car Computer Hacking

In the wake of Fiat Chrysler's recall of 1.4 million vehicles on July 24, 2015, after a car hacking incident, CRN Magazine reached out to technology experts for their perspective. JDL Technologies' Mark Mancini, vice president of technology and business development, is quoted extensively on the future of auto computer security and what automakers must do. 


HIPAA Audits of Business Associates - How to Prepare and Why

These two articles posted on Lexology and HealthCare IT News discuss the increasing HIPAA focus on the business associates of healthcare providers who are subject to HIPAA and HITECH regulations. The first recommended step for any business associate, in achieving compliance, is to conduct a Security Risk Assessment to precisely identity their vulnerabilities and risks. Read more in the PDFs below. 



NOTE: JDL HealthTech is a HIPAA-compliant business associate with substantial experience conducting comprehensive Security Risk Assessments for healthcare providers and their business associates. Contact us to learn more.

U.S. Secret Service Warns of Business Email Scam Leading to ACH Fraud

The Secret Service is currently observing a significant increase in the frequency, sophistication, and fraud losses associated with Business Email Compromise scams, which are a form of Automated Clearing House (ACH) wire fraud. Organizations are encouraged to immediately implement additional authentication steps before performing wire transfer payments to non-U.S. financial institutions, and to report suspected criminal activity associated with these scams to their local Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force or field office.


JDL Technologies Quoted in CRN Article on Cybersecurity

In responding to CRN about Obama's April 2015 Executive Order authorizing targeted sanctions against cybercriminals, including nation states, JDL Technologies' Alex Muchnik observed, "While our government is taking the actions that it has the power to take, our corporations and businesses need to exercise the same vigilance.  In the final analysis, security is everyone’s responsibility.” 


Going Thoroughly Virtual

By using virtualization throughout your clients’ entire IT infrastructure — from servers to desktops and applications to storage — you can deliver greater levels of agility, mobility, and efficiency. This ChannelPro article quotes JDL Technologies President Scott Fluegge and other IT experts on what to consider in adopting virtualization within your organization.


Cybercrime is a Growth Industry, Says Latest CSIS Report

The returns are great, and the risks are low. The most recent report on the state of cybercrime worldwide is now available from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), in concert with Intel Security.  The report estimates the probable annual cost to the global economy at more than $400 billion.  According to the report, “Governments and companies underestimate how much risk they face from cybercrime, and how quickly this risk can grow.”


Gartner:  IT Spending To Grow / JDL Technologies Quoted

IT spending is on the rise, but it isn't growing as quickly as originally projected, according to Gartner's latest IT spending outlook report. Scott Fluegge, president and general manager of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based JDL Technologies, said some but not all of the Gartner numbers are in line with what he is seeing in his business.


Five Reasons to Virtualize Your Law Firm's Computing

In addition to increasing profitability and maximizing billable hours, there are other compelling reasons to virtualize your firm's computing now. The conversion occurs behind the scenes with virtually no impact on attorneys or staff.  And if you're looking for an expert partner to make it happen, JDL Technologies is a leader in virtualization deployments in Florida.  


US CERT Alert on CryptoLocker Ransomware

US-CERT is warning of a vicious new malware campaign that surfaced in late 2013 and is associated with a growing number of ransomware infections affecting Microsoft Windows systems running Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP operating systems. 

CryptoLocker is a new variant of ransomware that restricts access to infected computers and demands the victim provide a payment to the attackers in order to decrypt and recover their files. There is also an identity theft element to the infection.


CryptoLocker Facts and Tips from Sophos

With CryptoLocker wreaking serious havoc, especially in the SMB community, this article is a must-read. It explains how this new ransomware works and offers instructions for prevention, cleanup, and recovery (which is actually possible in certain cases). Convenient 8-minute video makes it crystal clear. 


Five Ways to Secure Your Web-Browsing Users

In addition to the usual suspect tips, this article offers detailed advice for securing your browsers and standardizing your web software. Recommended reading, from the security experts at Sophos. 


New Wireless 802.11ac Tested at University of Houston

While IT leaders may choose to wait a year or two before they start diverting resources to this new high-capacity Wi-Fi standard, there's also a strong case for testing it out in a limited manner, now, in order to understand its eventual optimal use on campus. That's the thinking behind a pilot project underway at the University of Houston in Texas. 


Five Ways Your SMB Can Profit From Managed IT Services

It’s been demonstrated repeatedly that Managed Services make clear sense for small businesses. In this article, Steven Vigeant of Data Evolution discusses five primary benefits of Managed Services for small to mid-size businesses. We second his conclusion!


Why a Managed Services Solution is Good for Your Enterprise IT Team

Managed IT Services aren't just for small or mid-size businesses. Many enterprises leverage an expert MSP to manage the routine activities so that internal IT staff can be more strategic, more effective, and more productive. 


Computer Security Tips for Small Business

As small businesses become more reliant on technology, they also become more vulnerable to cybercrime. A Gartner study found that 90 percent of companies who suffer major data loss close their doors within two years. Here are 10 tips to secure your business computers.