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Top Four Criteria in Selecting a Managed Services Provider
   June 10, 2014

Brand doesn’t matter when information technology executives go about selecting a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). According to an IT survey sponsored by JDL Technologies, company and product brand names are the least important factors in the selection process. 

The MSP’s reputation, on the other hand, is foremost—sharing top consideration along with the price of managed IT services. 

According to the IT survey, the top four criteria used in selecting a Managed IT Services Provider are: 

  • Reputation, and Price (tied at 86 percent)
  • Reliability / Service Level Agreements (84 percent), and
  • References (81 percent).

Conversely, survey respondents indicated that the MSP brand, its products and services brands, and awards won by the MSP, are least important when selecting a Managed Services Provider. 

In addition to identifying and prioritizing selection criteria, the IT survey revealed the top advantages of using Managed IT Services. Specifically, using a Managed IT Services Provider:  

  • Reduces need to hire additional information technology staff (73 percent)
  • Enables in-house information technology staffs to do more (68 percent), and  
  • Provides access to greater technical expertise than they have in-house (61 percent).

JDL Technologies has summarized these and other IT survey results in an eBook that can be ordered here