Software Patches and Security Updates


"I can have the best threat intelligence in the world and figure out how to leverage it, but if I have unpatched systems then I'm wasting my time."

Robert Lee, co-founder of Dragos Security.

He's right, of course. Working with outdated software can be frustrating for end-users as well as IT staff.  It also makes your network highly vulnerable to existing and emerging security threats. Worse, those threats can be passed on inadvertently to your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

JDL patch management services ensure your organization will always have the latest software features and security updates installed. Our team of information technology experts will automate your patching process, build in quality controls, and deliver three key benefits to your organization:

  • Increased user and IT productivity

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Improved network security

To learn more about how to protect your network from security vulnerabilities, your IT staff from guilt and anxiety, and your customers from inadvertent threats, contact us today, call us at 888.493.7833, or send an email to




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