Through our JDL EduTech division, JDL Technologies specializes in providing information technology services to public and private schools from K-12 to colleges and universities. 

Technology Inspires Learning

We're skilled in E-Rate and grant-funded projects and the processes they entail.

The Challenges of Optimizing Technology

The role of information technology in education is more vital than ever.  And the challenges you face are never-ending, and sometimes over-whelming. 

Wireless classrooms are the new normal as students use laptops and tablets to access curricula, homework, tests and quizzes. No one uses just one device anymore. The BYOD movement that transformed business has also transformed education, and seamless connectivity for all devices all the time is taken for granted.  

Teachers are under tremendous pressure to keep up with the extensive range of technology available to them, and IT staff are challenged to keep the new technology tools highly available and easily accessible to faculty and students alike.

But you don't have to tackle these challenges alone.

Our Expertise Can Help You Avoid Pitfalls

For 20 years, we've helped advance the education of Florida’s students by enabling them to be connected on campus—so that they can thrive in the ultra-connected workplace. 

Leverage our knowledge base, our industry-leading partners, and our experience to keep your campus on the cutting edge. Call us at 888-493-7833 or send an email to  

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